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Join us for the 3 Valleys Runningworks Altra, a technical trail run loaded with single track, big climbs, epic descents, spectacular views all in a sensational location.

You will be blown away by this amazing event, with a 10k, 25k, 50k and team relay option we have a distance for everyone.
You won’t want to miss out.


10k (Trail) $69.00
Half Marathon (Trail 25k) $139.00
Ultra (Trail 50k) $179.00
Team Ultra 50k (2-4 person) $300.00

Team relay consists of 4 legs
Each leg finishes back at the start/finish area to create the best possible team environment and atmosphere. Shower facilities are available at the start/finish area.

Leg 1 & 3 – 10k (300m elevation)
Leg 2 & 4 – 15k (600m elevation)

Event times
7.00am – Altra 50k & Team Relay
7.30am – Half 25k & 10k

8.5 hour cut off time for all events

All Ultra, half and relay runners will receive a finishers medal. Any Ultra runner who doesn’t complete the event within the 8.5 hour cut of time will receive a Half medal.

Mandatory gear for the Ultra, Team Ultra & 25k: 500ml of fluids, mobile phone, whistle, snake bandage or compression bandage and jacket or space blanket.

Prizes & medals for 1, 2 & 3 placings in the Ultra, Half & 10k and for the winner of the team relay.

COURSE MAP – 3 Valleys Runningworks Altra (Click map to enlarge)


2022 Bibra Lake Runningworks Festival (10/07/2022)

Bibra Lake is a well-known running location in Perth, with its fast and flat running paths. It’s the perfect location for a race where your family and friends can enjoy a chance to support you as you run a 6k lap course.

Event Distances: Marathon, Half Marathon, 12k & 6k

Early Bird Registrations are OPEN 

Event Prices – Marathon – $85.00, Half Marathon – $55.00, 12k – $35.00 & 6k – $25.00

Event times:
Marathon 7:30am
Half Marathon: 8.00am
6k & 12k: 8.30am

All courses Internationally IAAF & AIMS certified

2.30pm cut off time for all events

Marathon & Half Marathon runners will receive a finishers medal.

Prizes & medals for 1, 2 & 3 placings in all events.

Runningworks race|result will provide this race with live lap times you can see from our event screen.

COURSE MAP – Bibra Lake Runningworks Festival (Click map to enlarge)




The Runningworks Event Series is hosting the 2022 Perth Duathlon (80k) & Runningworks Festival Half Marathon at the purpose-built Champion Lakes Regatta Centre, known for being home to numerous running, cycling and triathlon events. Champion Lakes is the ideal location for both a long course duathlon and a half marathon, where your family and friends can come down and enjoy the atmosphere.

Early bird registrations are OPEN NOW

SPECIAL OFFER of $159.00 for the first 25 participants in the Perth Duathlon 80k

Duathlon 80k (Run 10k – Bike 60k – Run 10k) $159.00

Half (21.1k) $59.00

10k $39.00

The Duathlon (80k) cut off time is 6.5 hours.

Event times: Duathlon 80k 8.30am, Half Marathon 7.30am & 10k 8.30am

All Duathlon 80k and Half Marathon finishers will receive a medal
Prizes & medals for 1, 2 & 3 placings in all events events

If you would like to volunteer at this event please email Chris Lark at

COURSE MAP (Click map to enlarge)



This exciting new trail event is a series of stages starting with a Half Marathon then moving onto a Marathon, 50k and 50 Miler. Winning a medal for every distance you complete. Everyone starts together for each stage. If you miss the cut of time for the next stage, you’re still able to finish your current stage and collect your distance medal.

How many medals can you win in the day?

Multi Stage Ultra $155.00, Half Marathon $79.00 & 10k $49.00

Event Times
Multi Stage Ultra 5:00 & 6:00am (Depending on your own ability)
Half Marathon: 7.00am (9 hour cut of time)

Event Prizes
MULTI STAGE ULTRA Prizes: Overall Multi-Stage Men’s & Women’s 1st, 2nd & 3rd based on the overall time & Stage win medals for both Male & Female. HALF MARATHAN & 10K Prizes: Male & Female 1st, 2nd & 3rd

If you enjoy our events please join the “RunningWorks Event Series” page. This page will keep you updated on all our events.

If you would like to volunteer for this event please email Chris Lark on

COURSE MAP – Runningworks Multi Stage Ultra (Click map to enlarge)



Runningworks wanted to create a run where spectators and supporters could cheer on their friends and family members in a fun and friendly atmosphere. This event runs along side the Canning River from the start to the finish of your run. The course is extremely well shaded.

Early bird registrations to open soon
Marathon $85.00
Half $55.00
10k $35.00

Event times
Marathon: 7.00am
Half Marathon: 7.15am
10k: 7.30am

The Marathon cut off time is 6 hours.

All marathon and half marathon finishers will receive a medal
Prizes & medals for 1, 2 & 3 placings in the Half Marathon and 10km events

If you would like to volunteer at this event please email Chris Lark at

COURSE MAP - Canning River Runningworks Festival (Click map to enlarge)



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