Clothing & Compression

RunningWorks sells various clothing wear including shorts, hats, visors, singlets, tees & jumpers. This fabric allows maximum airflow to maintain comfort in any situation, quick dry, easy care, wicks moisture off the skin using moisture management technolo

Ladies event series singlets $32.00

Men’s event series singlets $32.00

Squash+RunningWorks shirts $35.00

NEW Salming RunningWorks shirts & singlets $49.00


Salming RunningWorks singlets $49.00

RunningWorks singlets $32.00


Long sleeve shirt $32.00

Salming Jacket $119.00

Salming Visors $25.00


Compression wear 

Benefits of using compression wear:

  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Reduced blood lactate during peak exercise
  • Increased skin temperature which enhances warm-up
  • increasing vertical jump height
  • improving repetitive jump power
  • reducing muscle oscillation upon ground contact
  • increasing torque generated about joints, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury
  • enhancing recovery following strenuous exercise by aiding in the removal of blood lactate and improving subsequent exercise performance
  • reducing the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness in the days following strenuous exercise
  • increasing feelings of positive leg sensations both during and following strenuous exercise.
Salming Compression shorts

WAS $89.00 / Now $49.00 


NEW Mico Oxijet compression calf guards - You won’t be disappointed.


Micro Oxijet compression wear is well recognised by Sports Science and Athletes as greatly aiding the performance and recovery of athletes and can be seen in many sporting domains. The Mico Oxi-jet sock is the first to be tested and meet the compression standards. The range consists of Italian craftsmanship, industry leading technology (seamless compression) and of course great colors and designs.
The Calf Sleeve Increases oxygen flow through the muscles due to the special “gradual weaving tension” in LYCRA® fibre that produces a micro-massage action. This increases circulation and aids in recovery during and after exercise.

 Men’s Compression Shorts $49

Mens compression full length pants  - $49

Women’s Compression Singlet  $49

Women’s Compression 3/4 Pants $49

Ladies compression full length pants  $49

Squash+RunningWorks Compression Wear
-Half Leg Tights $49.00
-Long Sleeve Tops $49.00

We also stock the full range of compression gear in all sizes including:

- Men’s compression long sleeve top – $49

- Men’s compression half quad shorts – $49

- Women’s compression shorts – $49

- Women’s compression singlet with inner bra – $49

NEW O2FIT Compression calf guards & compression socks in black and white $29.00

We also have the very popular Compressport R2V2 Calf Guards $59.00 in all sizes

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