Squash Coaching


Please contact us for times and costs of coaching programs.

Coaching Adults (Half an hour $40 and 45 mins $50.00)

Coaching for beginners to more advanced players is offered at SquashWorks. Be coached by Chris Lark (Former State Number 2)

Contact us for more information on the times and costs for the adult coaching program.


4 Week Squash Coaching Course (Check with us for our new starting date)

Practice your skills and work on your fitness with squash professionals Chris Lark and Sam Maricic

Beginners to Intermediate

$13.00 per session


Skills and Drills ($12.00 Per Person)

Improve your fitness and squash skills with this intensive training session. This runs for 1 hour and will make a difference to your game. Contact us for details on session times. Intermediate – Advanced players. Every Saturday @ 10.00 am


Junior Coaching ($5.00 Per Kid) 

Junior Coaching with Chris Lark (WA Former No 2) every Friday at 5pm

For Kids that would like to improve there skills. Chris has a WWC


Tips from Chris Lark to improve your squash 

Squash tip # 7 – errors
Erros rather than winners decide the outcome of matches. Reduce your unforced errors by identifying weak areas and practicing those particular shots. You will see a remarkable improvement in results! Keep us posted on how it goes.

Squash tip # 6 – start well
Starting well in every game is extremely important. Visualise before going on court and stay focused once on there. A good start will give your confidence a boost and the momentum will be on your side. Now take it through – all the way to the end.

Squash tip # 5 – Plan B
If your own game is not working – it’s good to have a plan B to fall back on. Revert to basics and get yourself back into the game. Implementing plan B in practice matches will give you confidence to do the same in an actual match. Having the discipline and fitness to shift and stick to the plan is crucial to change the result in your favour.

Squash tip # 4 – serve and return of serve
The serve and return of serve are more important than the emphasis we usually put on them. Make sure your first shot of the rally is wide into the side wall and goes all the way to the back. And yes, it’s good to add variation to them – always good to keep your opponent guessing and not get used to your serve or return.

Squash tip # 3 – get ready
Before you go on court, make sure you have everything you might need between games ready in your bag. Water, towel, t-shirts, spare racket(s) are things that might help keep the focus on squash if you have them nearby – instead of running around trying to find water in between games.

Squash tip # 2 – visualise
Preparation for a game is not just physical but also mental. Take some time to visualise your game plan and a game that you’ve played well in the past. Imagine scenarios that have have gone your way as well as ones that have troubled you previously – visualise yourself solving them. It helps the brain prepare for what to expect and works wonders on…

Squash tip # 1 – warm up
Make time to warm up properly. Replicating the scenarios before starting play prepares the body for the game. Running, dynamic stretching, lunging and swings are all necessary components. The better the warm up the better the performance. You will be amazed at the results!


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